Thursday, November 23, 2006

Syd Believes in Sick Kids

Monday, was a fabulous, exhausting, wonderful day. We drove up to Toronto for Sydney to receive an award at SickKids hospital for her bracelet fundraising.

She got the Spirit Award in the first annual Kids Believe in SickKids program.

The host of the ceremony was Erica Ehm, and Daniel Cook was there! (those of you who watch children's television in Ontario know the little redhead)

The presentation was wonderful, moving, short and sweet.

It was, however, a little like walking into the twilight zone. We arrived, and before we were at the location, 2 people had greeted me. I was then directed to the PR company table, and told when my telephone and television interviews were scheduled.

The reporters and journalists were all polite, kind and they all bought bracelets. There was television news coverage, and thank you to all the viewers for your supportive e-mails. We'll be sending out a lot of bracelets soon, I think.

The Kingston Whig Standard wrote a nice story.

Georgia was on fire--this was her pose during the ceremony, just in case someone was worried that being the sister of an award winner was going to her head.

Georgia is the one wearing a purple dress, white tights and pink boots. Yes, that's the back half of my little baby, in front of about 200 people, including a press photographer, giving us her best impression of a dancing cow.

Sydney, my dear. As a parent, my hopes for my children include that they will find passtimes that will put food on the table and smiles on their faces, that they will live fully and grasp the day, and that they will help others. At the tender age of 9, you've just about captured it.

I couldn't be prouder.

Monday, November 20, 2006

9 Months

Yes, it’s been 9 months since Georgia’s diagnosis.

Good news—the latest MRI is clear! Next one in January, and if all continues to go well, we’ll go to 6 month checks.

It’s been such a terrible, blessed year so far. We’ve met some great friends at Camp Trillium, and they have an event for the kids once a month through the winter. Sydney loves going to these events, because the volunteers are willing (and young enough) to piggy-back her all day if that’s what she wants.

Sydney also has some good news—she is to be presented with an award from Sick Kids hospital for her fundraising. We’re so proud of her and all her hard work—and she can’t wait for another excuse to dress up!

Bracelets—yes, we’ve got bracelets. Still knitting them, still amazed at the people we’ve met because of them. There are the ‘girl power’ girls, the folks at the St. Lawrence College Bookstore, a sweet lady from Kingston who dropped by one day with $100 cash that a friend had given her for The James Fund, grampie and his bottomless change jar, the residents at a retirement village who donated embroidery thread, and my mother who knits tirelessly.

Thanks for your support and prayers everyone—they are priceless to us.