Saturday, November 26, 2005

Some of my favorite things

Sitting in a hot tub whilst the snow falls around me, sipping on a flirty merlot, toes brushing against the outer epidermis of someone I like enormously.

A hug.

Kitty cuddles in front of the fire on a cool evening.

The smell of freshly brewed, French press, coffee.

The feeling when a story starts to take over my mind, interfering with dinner conversation and (ahem) intimate moments (you know, he says 'what are you thinking', and you have to lie, because you were really thinking about a great line of dialogue between two characters who are having a bitchy, anti-man moment and telling the truth would ruin that fluttery little thing his lips are doing on your collar bone).

The taste of Lindt chocolate melting in my mouth. Don't chew it, let it melt. Exercise self-restraint and enjoy the richness of the chocolate as it coats the tongue.

Petting a new yarn--a beautiful merino, or a silk blend, or (ahhhh) cashmere. Believe me, you have to go to a yarn store and pet them--the feeling cannot be reproduced on the web (yet).


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