Friday, July 28, 2006


Christi Thomas is a beautiful young lady fighting neuroblastoma.

Her friend Nikki will be starting a 24 hour blogathon tomorrow to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Georgia will be one of the children featured during her blogathon (I think at 2 am on Sunday).

For families in Ontario, Canada who are fighting cancer (anyone in the family, not just children), there is an organization called Cottage Dreams that matches up families with cottages, to give them some time away together. Pass it on.

Syd & Scott went to the Hilary Duff concert in Toronto the other evening. They took the train and had a great adventure in the big city. Our friends at the James Fund arranged for better seats during the concert (thanks!), but we weren't able to arrange for Syd to meet Ms. Duff and give her a bracelet. It didn't matter to Sydney--she had a wonderful time and arrived home exhausted.

Taking Georgia and our pooch Charlie to a party at the lake tomorrow--photos will follow :)


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Colleen - Kaitlyn's mum said...

Hi there, Just came across your blog and wanted to wish you all the best always.
Colleen - Kaitlyn's mum