Friday, December 01, 2006

Knitting for Christmas

Hi all,

Thanks so much everyone for your kind words and for the bracelet orders that have been coming in. I smile and my heart warms when I think of G & S bracelets all over the country, being given to family and friends as gifts. Thank you all for helping to make this terrible time in our family meaningful.

If you do send bracelet orders this week or next, please be patient. The next bracelet orders will be mailed out on December 11 (lots of time to receive them before Christmas, if required).

I am madly knitting Christmas gifts (more on my knitting blog).

Here's a sample (with my appreciative cat):

Hugs to you all!

P.S. You can reach me by leaving a comment--they are sent to my yahoo email address. Or, you can email directly bracelet at kingston dot net (replace the words with symbols as per usual).

And a big ???thanks??? to the folks who harvested the bracelet email addy off the CityTV website and send several dozen spam messages each day in Chinese.



gavin leggate said...

faye and family
thankyou for your kind words on mauras blog and good luck to you in january .we'll be praying for you .it is so nice to get that 'all clear' and not have to go for 6 mons .
mauras dad

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and wanted to wish you and your family the best. God Bless.