Friday, October 09, 2009


Candlelighters is a national charity devoted to children with cancer and their families.

In Ottawa, there is a chapter of Candlelighters that serves the children and families at CHEO.

We received parking pass assistance which helps us with our oncology follow-up appointments to this day, but there are other programs available and lots of good advice.

There is a crisis fund, for families who are in treatment and need the help. This is so important.

I remember sitting down with my husband when we weren't sure whether Georgia would need up to 18 months of chemotherapy. We came up with a simple financial plan. Because it would be absolutely impossible for me to be that far away (about a 2.5 hour drive) from her, I'd give up my job. He would do the same. We would keep one car and lose the other vehicle and our house, and move our stuff into my parents' basement. We made it through with the help of some generous family members and the fact that Georgia did not need intensive long-term therapy, but this kind of worry was not what we needed to be spending our time on at that point.

There are bursaries for kids going into post-secondary school, and a laptop program for kids in treatment -- to help them keep up with their schooling.

They've got Elgin's Place at Scotiabank Place.

There are also events and other services including coffee breaks, bereavement support, birthday greetings and seminars.

Take a minute and visit their site.

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