Thursday, October 25, 2007

We Like Mike!


Wow, what a year. My computer and I had a major disagreement in January, which resulted in my sending it off to boot camp. It was reprogrammed, but it refused to retrieve my mailing list until I sat down with a bottle of wine and beat it to within an inch of its’ life. However, no wine was injured in the production of this e-mail.

We have had a GREAT 2007! Georgia has had her 18 month, cancer-free check-up (applause). In merely 3 ½ more years, we can use the ‘c’ word (cure) with a bit of confidence, and our fingers crossed.

Georgia has had a few health issues, and parents of children with long-term illnesses will appreciate, they have been more than usually worrisome for us. She has had seizures when she gets a cold, X 3. The first one resulted in a 911 call, an ambulance ride and a long evening in the emergency room. However, Dr. Keene the neurologist (and, if you’re counting, that means Georgia’s 10th specialist, thank God for universal health care), who looks like Santa, has assured us, after the EEG, that they are most likely ‘atypical febrile seizures’. Nothing Georgia does is typical, of course.

She also had a fight with Salmonella, and came out winning. She coined the phrase ‘my bum is puking’ during that battle.

Sydney has also had an amazing year, especially with her fundraising. She was asked to be part of the SickKids fall fundraising campaign—and there is a radio spot now out on the CHUM stations in Toronto. Scott absolutely loved our visit to the recording studio—and it was just like it looks on TV. Sydney’s fans can hear the commercial here:

We are also THRILLED that the James Fund researchers at SickKids are planning a joint research project at CHEO in Ottawa, where Georgia has had her treatment. It was announced to the public at CHEO and the James Fund will be using the proceeds of their November run—the honorary chairman of the run? None other than the Ottawa Senators’ Mike Fisher!

Ladies, he’s as cute as he looks, his teeth are perfect, and he’s a gentleman. The press conference was held in a waiting room that serves the urology clinic, the sports injury clinic and the anesthetic assessment clinic. Before the cameras began rolling, he greeting every child who wanted to say hello, signed shirts and hats and wheelchairs, and generally made time for each person who wanted to speak to him. After the cameras stopped rolling, this nice young man posed for photos with an almost endless parade of smiling women. His father Jim was there, and it’s obvious where Mike gets his impeccable manners and charm. 3 out of 4 Inverary Whytes are now firm Senators fans, and the 4th has agreed that he will cheer for Mike when he’s not winning against the Leafs.

We spent the last weekend of September in Muskoka at Camp Ooch, a childhood cancer camp, for the 1st James Fund Neuroblastoma family retreat—and I daresay, it was the 1st annual. It was a wonderful weekend. I confess, I’m still digesting all that happened and will have to write more about it later. Just be warned, we have more plans! We are definitely not stopping until there is a cure for this disease!

One highlight I can’t ignore—we met a woman who is a 30+ year survivor of this disease. Thank goodness Jennifer doesn’t mind physical contact, because I ended up petting her like a lucky rabbit foot. She’s just such a comfort, and she’s so sweet.

I’m now on Facebook, so if you’re there, please look me up. I’ll also post updates and more photos there.

Cheers to all,

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