Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The James Run/Walk

It was a beautiful day on Sunday. Crisp. Sunny.

The family of Elgin Fraser was there. This run was in his memory.

The participants in this charity run varied. There were world-class runners there: a few who are training for the olympic trials, at least 1 who has qualified for the Boston Marathon. I believe the fleet-footed finished the 10 k run in 32 minutes.

There were students from the University, since the run was being held on the lovely Trent campus. There were local recreational runners, warming up and going the distance.

And there were families. Neuroblastoma families.

Although the 3 young men with 'Fill the minute . . ." on the back of their shirts were inspiring for their strength and dedication and speed, I think of something completely different when I'm among the friends of James and I think of filling empty minutes.

We did the 5 km walk as a family. G rode in the stroller, Charlie trotted along on his leash. Sydney walked, skipped & ran the whole way -- and she's the only one who didn't want to nap on the way home. I guess that's her gymnastics training showing.

Afterward, the Birrells kindly invited several of the families and their close friends for lunch. The food was fabulous ! Charlie made a new friend. And Georgia trolled around the house, completely at ease. If she needed something, she simply asked the nearest adult--and she usually got just what she wanted (including at least 3 glasses of cream soda).

It was a day I won't forget.


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