Sunday, January 01, 2006

Goal Setting for Writers--Part 2--A One Year Project

Now we'll work with your one-year objective. This will become your twelve-month project as a writer. This goal should be written and measurable.

What steps do you need to take to reach this goal? If you aim to produce a certain number of finished manuscript pages, then break it down into drafting and editing phases. If you want to submit a manuscript to an agent, then you will need to include market research as a step. The project goal could be to submit an entry to a certain number of contests over the year.

Break the one-year project down into four three-month phases over the next year.


One-year project: To complete a 300 page book manuscript

Phase 1: Research and 100 pages of rough draft

Phase 2: 200 pages of rough draft

Phase 3: Editing and research--completed 2nd draft

Phase 4: Get feedback, final edit--completed third draft

Now, YOU DO!

Were you able to formulate a written one year goal? Is your one-year objective specific and measurable? Did you divide it into four phases?

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