Sunday, January 01, 2006

Goal Setting for Writers--Part 3--Your Task List

Now, let's look at the first three-month phase--the next three months of your writing career. You need to break the three-month objective down into a series of tasks that can be scheduled into your daily life.

Set as many or as few tasks as you need to accomplish your three month strategy. The tasks may include a certain number of pages of rough draft, a list of topics that need to be researched, a certain number of submissions, etc. Make these tasks as specific and measurable as you can.


Instead of: Write outline for novel
Measurable task: Draft 80 page outline for novel

Instead of: Market research
Measurable task: Compile list of 20 markets suitable for my finished project

How many tasks did you need for the first three months? Are the tasks as specific and measurable as you can make them?

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