Sunday, January 01, 2006

Goal Setting for Writers--Part 5--Your 3 Month Calendar

You'll need a calendar or date book for this part. Set the start and end dates of your first three-month period--write them down on the calendar. Block out the times you won't be able to write--visitors coming, graduation, holidays, etc.

Sit down and write our your tasks and your obstacles and strategies for the next three months.

This is your master list. You may wish to format it as a table.

Look at each strategy and estimate how much time it will take. If it will cost money, then set a budget. Set a deadline for each strategy. Add the budgets and the deadlines to your master list.


Obstacle: lack of time
Strategy: set aside time each day for writing
Time: 2 hours each day
Cost: none
Deadline: ongoing.

Obstacle: lack of knowledge about markets
Strategy: research on the web and at the library
Time: 10 hours--5 on-line and 5 at library
Cost: $5.00 for photocopying
Deadline: 3 weeks from now

Now, pick up a pen and schedule each strategy into the next three months. As you complete each strategy, cross it off your master list.

Were you able to find time for each task? Are there some tasks that will need to be postponed to the next three month time period?

Now, make reasonable appointments with yourself to get your work done. Some writers prefer to work in the morning. Some people can commit only 15 minutes a day, but that time will add up--and it's better than 15 minutes spent watching the tube.

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