Sunday, January 01, 2006

Goal Setting for Writers--Part 4--Obstacles and Strategies

This is the step where we plan for real life.

Look at your three-month goal and tasks and ask--what are the obstacles to completing these tasks? Make a list--list them all! Include your motivational obstacles like fear and family resistance. Include lack of time if it applies. Include lack of knowledge if it applies.

Now put the list in order of importance. Which of these obstacles is the most difficult for you to deal with? List up to ten in order of importance. If you have more than ten, you can deal with some of them in the next three-month period.

Now, for each obstacle, come up with at least one strategy for dealing with it or overcoming it. If your goals are important enough, you will find a way to overcome these obstacles.


Obstacle: Lack of time
Strategy: Make a little time each day, get up an hour earlier

Obstacle: Fear
Strategy: Read inspirational books, listen to tapes

Obstacle: Lack of knowledge of suitable markets
Strategy: Research on the web and at the library

Come up with a list of your obstacles and strategies. Were there any obstacles you need help devising strategies for? Did you come up with any strategies you'd like to share?

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